Why EcoSoap?

    • Help save the Earth
      • Eco-Friendly:  100% biodegradable.
      • Ecological:  Soapberry grows on trees as a renewable resource. 
      • Economical: Use less, save more, replaces multiple household products.
      • All Natural:  No funky or harmful ingredients.
      • Wide Range of Use:  Cleaner, shampoo, insect repellent and more!
      • Simple:  Just add to water (1 tsp/laundry load) or mix with water and shake.
      • Safe:  Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, non-toxic.
      • Gentle:  Mild on delicate clothing, sensitive skin and baby bottoms.
      • Odourless:  No scent, but you can add your own essential oils.
      • Conditioner:  Naturally softens fabrics and conditions hair.
      • Saves Energy:  Use a shorter rinse cycle in your laundry.
      • HE Friendly:  Low suds is safe for front loading machines.
      • All Temperature:  Cold (good), warm (better) or hot water (best).

Directions:  Add 1 tsp EcoSoap powder per laundry load.

Contents: 420g organic Soapberry powder (Sapindus Mukorossi)