Why 420 Suds?


Simple:  Ready to use clear liquid.

Sustainable:  420 Suds is a renewable resource.

Sanitizer:  Replaces chemical-based cleaner disinfectants.

Non-polluting:  100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Eco-Logical:  Less processing, less packaging, reusable container.

Odourless:  No scent. But you can add your own essential oils.

Oxidizer:  Treat roots to help control fungus and mold.

Seed Sprout:  Use as a seed starter for optimum germination results.

Natural insect repellent: Use as spray to repel pests on plants.


ContentsDistilled water, food grade hydrogen peroxide (3% aqueous solution of 35% H202)

Application:   Keep out of eyes.  May cause skin irritation, gloves recommended.  For External Use Only.